Terms & Conditions

Membership Packages & Payment Options

*Please note Class Passes, TAP and Protégé memberships freeze during July and August. Payments will resume in September for our TAP & Protégé members*

This is a non-refundable program.
SOS/LYT reserves the right to remove anyone from the program at any time due to unacceptable behavior, bad language, inappropriate dress and disorderly conduct. Anyone removed will not receive any refund.

Total Arts Package (TAP) ages 8-18: $180 per Month. This Package is by far the best package in town and can be started any time of the year (Sept.-June). It allows the student access to unlimited LYT theatre acting/dance classes Monday–Thursday, Winter Teen Drama (additional production fee) and includes either one Mainstage Production or one Jr. Workshop production per semester (some productions require an audition and additional $50 program fee). Please note this package does not include SOS fitness classes and private music and vocal lessons. This package requires a minimum five-month commitment. A written notice to cancel the membership is required before the end of the last month. Please note any notice given on the 1st or later will result in one more month of membership fees. Anyone who drops out before they complete their commitment will be charge for the remaining month(s) of the membership at the time they leave the program. Anyone in a current show cannot give notice until the show comes to a close.

Payment Options: $180 per Month. First months payment is due upon registration. Each payment thereafter, will be deducted on the first of each month. Only credit/debit cards are accepted for the monthly payment plan. If you choose to pay by cash or check you must pay for a minimum of five months. Please note the TAP membership is ongoing from year to year (July & August no classes/payments). If you wish to cancel your child’s membership for Sept. please make sure to send written notice prior to Sept. 1st otherwise your card on file will be charged.

Show Only Package- ages 8-18: $600 for one Mainstage Production (plus a $50 program fee). This package entitles the student to one Mainstage Production. It does not include any classes offered by LYT and SOS Fitness. There are no refunds for dropouts as well as no refunds for tickets already purchased for productions. Costumes are provided, but students provide their own shoes and sometimes regular street clothes. Rehearsals are held twice a week. The week prior to the show students will be required to attend all technical rehearsals, which are usually 4 nights (Mon.-Thurs.) from 4pm-9pm or 10pm depending on the cast. Please make sure to check your child’s school schedule for any conflicts before signing up for this program, as all technical rehearsals are mandatory.

Payment Options:  $600 for one Main Stage Production (plus a $50 program fee) This package is available online and is the best way to pay and accept your child’s part. If you wish to pay via check/cash you can do so by downloading the registration form and returning it to our office by the deadline given via email when the cast list is sent out. Please make sure to reply to the email letting us know that: 1) your child is accepting his/her part and 2) that you will be sending in the payment rather than paying for it online.

Jr. Workshops (Lollipops- Grades K-4th; Spotlight- Grades 4th-8th): $450 Lollipops/ $475 Spotlight for one child/session. This package offers a junior version of a musical where every child gets a singing or acting part. The program focuses on getting children familiar with the theatre process and getting them use to being on stage. Rehearsals are held once a week. The Lollipops are offered: Mon. through Fri. and the Spotlights are offered: 5:30-7:30pm on Wednesday or Friday. You choose your day. The week prior to the show students will be required to attend all technical rehearsals, which are usually 2-3 nights from 4pm-8:30pm or 9pm depending on the cast. Please make sure to check your child’s school schedule for any conflicts before signing up for this program, as all technical rehearsals are mandatory.

Payment Options: $450 Lollipops/$475 Spotlight for one child/session. This package must be purchased online during specific registration dates. TAP members have priority registration. When registering please make sure to choose the correct day and time you are signing your child up for. Once the slots are filled we cannot take anyone else. If you wish to pay via check or cash please call the office prior to the registration date so that we can make note of your payment type. If you don’t call us ahead of time your child could lose their spot. Please note that we only accept 25 students per Lollipops and 50 students per spotlight (spotlight groups are double cast).

Protégé: $995 per 5-month semester ($199 per month) plus a $50 program fee per show. You must audition and be accepted into this intensive program for the most talented and hard-working students Grades 9th-12th. Each student is challenged to improve their talents through training, practice and participation in all aspects of a production both on-stage and behind-the-scenes. This program offers everything in the TAP membership plus a winter cabaret and spring protégé cares, which is a program where the kids give back to their local community. In the fall Protégé performs together with our sr. cast mainstage production and in the spring they perform in a show with only protégé members. This program runs from September-January and February-June. Once accepted into the program you will not have to re-audition as long as you remain a protégé member and are following the guidelines for Protégé. If you choose to drop out after accepting your spot and you are on monthly payments you are still required to pay the total program fee. If there are spots open at the end of a semester an audition will be held.

Payment Options: There are two payment options for Protege program: 1) pay by check or cash, but it must be paid in full for one semester: $995 plus $50 program fee (if your child is doing the show) 2) pay monthly payments, by a credit/debit card, of $199 plus one time $50 program fee, which will be taken out on the 1st thereafter. Please note that the monthly payment plan does not relieve you of paying the tuition in full should your child decide to drop out before the 5-month commitment is fulfilled. If your child is to drop out your credit card will be charged the remaining balance due at that time.

Class Pass Package: $360 for 12 LYT Theatre classes. This package entitles the students to try our classes on a short-term basis. The student is welcomed to attend any LYT Theatre classes offered Monday-Thursday for 12 classes, excluding any SOS fitness classes. This package expires six months from the purchase date (excluding July and Aug.).

Payment Options: $360 for 12 LYT classes. Payment in full via credit/debit card, cash or check are accepted for this program.

Private Lessons: Members and non-members are welcomed. We offer private lessons in acting, voice, musical theatre voice, piano, guitar, bass and drums. Acting, voice and musical theatre voice cost $65 -half an hour and $85 -50 minutes. Music lessons cost $65 -half an hour and $85 -50 minutes.

Payment Options: $65 -1/2 hr. and $85 -50 min. for private acting and vocal instruction. $65- ½ hr. and $85 -50 Min. music instruction. Pay by cash or check or to use a credit card a minimum of 6 lessons must be purchased at one time. Each student is given a regularly scheduled time slot and is required to give notice of cancellation by 10am the day of the lesson or you will be charged for the missed lesson. Call the office to schedule lessons.