Junior Workshop Production


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The Wizard of Oz

The Junior Workshop is a great way to introduce your child to musical theatre. It is a fundamentals workshop and a junior version of a musical where every child gets a singing or acting part. The program focuses on getting children familiar with the theatre process and getting them used to being on stage. Rehearsals are held once a week.

**The week before the show the student will be required to attend ALL technical rehearsals at the theatre, which are usually 1 - 3 nights for the last week before the performances.**

Program Tuition:

Lollipop (Grades Kindergarten-4th): $450 for one child/session

Spotlight (Grades 4th-8th): $475 for one child/session

Please note this is a non-refundable program!


Lollipop Groups (Grades Kindergarten-4th)

This Workshop Group is a fantastic fit for the younger performer who is ready to brave the stage for the first time with children of the same age!

*The lead roles will be double cast and the show will be split in half. For example: there will be two Doroth's, one has the first half of the show and the other has the second half. 


Monday 4:15pm Lollipop
Rehearsals begin: Sept 11th

Monday 5:30pm Lollipop
Rehearsals begin: Sept 11th

Tuesday Lollipop
Rehearsals begin: Sept 5th

Wednesday Lollipop

Rehearsals begin: Sept 6th

Friday Lollipop
Rehearsals begin: Sept 8th


Monday 4:15pm Lollipop: Thursday, January 11th, 4-8:30pm

Monday 5:30pm Lollipop: Friday, January 12th, 4-8:30pm

Tuesday Lollipop: Thursday, January 4th, 4-8:30pm

Wednesday Lollipop: Thursday, January 18th, 4-8:30pm

Thursday Lollipop: Friday, January 5th, 4-8:30pm

Friday Lollipop: Friday, January 19th, 4-8:30pm


Monday 4:15pm Lollipop: Saturday, January 13th @ 11am

Monday 5:30pm Lollipop: Sunday, January 14th @ 11am

Tuesday Lollipop: Saturday, January 6th @ 11am

Wednesday Lollipop: Saturday, January 20th @ 11am

Thursday Lollipop: Sunday, January 7th @ 11am

Friday Lollipop  Sunday, January 21st @ 11am


Sunday Lollipop Rehearsals December 3rd, 10th and January 7th. Please see conflict sheet for which Lollipop group rehearses when. An email will be sent right before with who is called.

*These rehearsals are on a need basis and notification will be sent in advance.

Spotlight Groups (Grades 4th-8th)

For the young performer who is ready to take the stage with other experienced and inexperienced performers! 

Two casts that get their own performance. Children will perform in each show; one as their lead role and one as ensemble.


Wednesday Spotlight
Rehearsals begin: Sept 7th
* Select cast members will be called from 7 - 7:30pm
Red and Blue Casts

Friday Spotlight

Rehearsals begin: Sept 9th
* Select cast members will be called from 7 - 7:30pm
Green and Yellow Casts


Wednesday Spotlight:

Monday, January 8th through Wednesday, January 10th 4-9pm

Friday Spotlight:

Monday, January 15th through Wednesday, January 17th 4-9pm *Please note that the first day of tech is on Martin Luther King Jr Day and this is a mandatory rehearsal


Wednesday Spotlight:

Saturday, January 14th at 1:30pm (red Cast) & 4pm (blue cast), Sunday, January 15th at 1:30pm (red cast) & 4pm (blue cast)

Friday Spotlight:

Saturday, January 20th at 1:30pm (green cast) & 4pm (yellow cast), Sunday, January 21st at 1:30pm (green cast) & 4pm (yellow cast)


ALL Groups Extra Sunday Rehearsal Days: October 22nd and November 19th. Only Friday Spotlight: December 3rd