Fall 2017 Junior Workshop Production




The Wizard of Oz

Grades Kindergarten-8th

Registration is limited.

Follow these steps to register:

Step 1: Click the link below to create your parent profile.

*Location is Standing Ovation Studios.

Click Here!!

 Step 2: Add your children into the system

*Location is Standing Ovation studios

 Step 3: Register and pay for your Wizard of Oz Group


The Junior Workshop is a great way to introduce your child to musical theatre. It is a fundamentals workshop and a junior version of a musical where every child gets a singing or acting part. The program focuses on getting children familiar with the theatre process and getting them used to being on stage. Rehearsals are held once a week.

**The week before the show the student will be required to attend ALL technical rehearsals at the theatre, which are usually 1 - 3 nights for the last week before the performances.**

Program Tuition:

Lollipop (Grades Kindergarten-4th): $450 for one child/session

Spotlight (Grades 5th-8th): $475 for one child/session

Please note this is a non-refundable program!


Lollipop Groups (Grades Kindergarten-4th)

This Workshop Group is a fantastic fit for the younger performer who is ready to brave the stage for the first time with children of the same age!
Registration Begins June 21, 2017 @ 10am 
Registration is LIMITED. Only 25 spots per group.

*The lead roles will be double cast and the show will be split in half. For example: there will be two Doroth's, one has the first half of the show and the other has the second half. 


Monday 4:15pm Lollipop
Rehearsals begin: Sept 11th

Monday 5:30pm Lollipop
Rehearsals begin: Sept 11th

Tuesday Lollipop
Rehearsals begin: Sept 5th

Wednesday Lollipop

Rehearsals begin: Sept 6th

Friday Lollipop
Rehearsals begin: Sept 8th


Monday 4:15pm Lollipop: Thursday, January 11th, 4-8:30pm

Monday 5:30pm Lollipop: Friday, January 12th, 4-8:30pm

Tuesday Lollipop: Thursday, January 4th, 4-8:30pm

Wednesday Lollipop: Thursday, January 18th, 4-8:30pm

Thursday Lollipop: Friday, January 5th, 4-8:30pm

Friday Lollipop: Friday, January 19th, 4-8:30pm


Monday 4:15pm Lollipop: Saturday, January 13th @ 11am

Monday 5:30pm Lollipop: Sunday, January 14th @ 11am

Tuesday Lollipop: Saturday, January 6th @ 11am

Wednesday Lollipop: Saturday, January 20th @ 11am

Thursday Lollipop: Sunday, January 7th @ 11am

Friday Lollipop  Sunday, January 21st @ 11am


Sunday Lollipop Rehearsals December 10th and January 7th.

*These rehearsals are on a need basis and notification will be sent in advance.

Spotlight Groups (Grades 5th-8th)

For the young performer who is ready to take the stage with other experienced and inexperienced performers! Also, a wonderful choice for the experienced pre-teen performer who is ready for the spotlight!

Registration begins June 21, 2017 @ 10am 
Registration is LIMITED. Only 50 spots per group.

Two casts each day that get their own performance. Children will perform in each show; one as their lead role and one as ensemble.


Wednesday Spotlight
Rehearsals begin: Sept 7th
* Select cast members will be called from 7 - 7:30pm
Red and Blue Casts

Friday Spotlight

Rehearsals begin: Sept 9th
* Select cast members will be called from 7 - 7:30pm
Green and Yellow Casts


Wednesday Spotlight:

Monday, January 8th through Wednesday, January 10th 4-9pm

Friday Spotlight:

Monday, January 15th through Wednesday, January 17th 4-9pm *Please note that the first day of tech is on Martin Luther King Jr Day and this is a mandatory rehearsal


Wednesday Spotlight:

Saturday, January 14th at 1:30pm (red Cast) & 4pm (blue cast), Sunday, January 15th at 1:30pm (red cast) & 4pm (blue cast)

Friday Spotlight:

Saturday, January 20th at 1:30pm (green cast) & 4pm (yellow cast), Sunday, January 21st at 1:30pm (green cast) & 4pm (yellow cast)


ALL Groups Extra Sunday Rehearsal Days: October 22nd and November 19th. Only Friday Spotlight: December 3rd